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Supply Chain Jobs

In a growing field that offers positions from inventory purchasing to management, employment in supply chain jobs may offer fantastic options for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 27.9 percent employment growth between 2012 and 2022 in the supply chain industry, with an average of 27,600 new job positions opening each year.

From overseeing the delivery of critical supplies to medical facilities to ensuring that retail outlets and restaurants all over the world receive quick, reliable deliveries, supply chain jobs offer much-needed services to customers of all types. They cover a wide range of opportunities for college graduates as they move into the workforce, from warehousing to distribution to supply chain management.

What Types of Positions Are Available in This Field?

There are many different types of positions available. For instance, supply chain managers oversee the logistics of order fulfillment, coordinate with suppliers and manufacturers and manage deliveries and returns. From the smallest to the largest companies, supply chain managers are needed and receive anywhere from $70,000 to $125,000 in annual salary. Educational requirements usually range from a bachelors to a master's degree in business-related fields.

This is just one of the highest-level opportunities in this fast-growing industry. Positions in the field range from consulting to scheduling to planning, and no matter what your expertise or desired level of employment with a supply chain company may be, it's likely there's a position for you.


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Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Positions in This Field?

For any of these supply chain jobs, computer skills are a must, and some companies offer on-the-job training for entry-level positions. Organizational skills and a desire to learn will make you an ideal candidate for the positions offered. Internships may also be available in your area to help get your foot in the door for these exciting new opportunities.

Where Are the Supply Chain Jobs?

Positions in the supply chain field can be found anywhere in the world, and the ability to take your skills and experience with you no matter where you go is one of the most attractive aspects of this area of employment.

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